1. To guide the students to development reading and writing skills in Arabic.
  2. To develop the communicative skills in Arabic.
  3. To study basic Arabic grammar.
  4. To develop the translation skills.
  5. To develop the oratory skills in Arabic.
  6. To inculcate moral values among the students.

Significance of the subject

Arabic is spoken by more them 260 million people through the world and it is the main language of most of the Middle East. Arabic plays an important role in the Islamic fath. Because it is the language of the Holy Quran and hadith. The Holy Quran is the guide book for all mankind. It develops the ethical values amongst one students.0

Project work Title:
  1. Concept of man in the light of Quran
  2. Rights of the parents in the light of Holy Quran & Hedith.
  3. The miracles of Quran in Zoology.
  4. Teachings of Islam & Christianity.
  5. Arabic loan words in Turkish.
  6. Holy Quran and botanical world.
  7. Reference of fasting in the Holy Quran.
  8. Importance of ‘Zakat’ with reference to the Holy Quran.

Placement of the Students:
  1. Miss.Raheela Shaikh
  2. Miss. Sana Shaikh
Are selected in campus interview conducted by sanjeevni Enterprises PLT Bangalore 2014.
  1. Asma natarsa a got IV Rank to the KSWU Vijaypur 2014. Souvemir –ISBN Article Published

Seminars and conferences attended presented paper

Topic- Arabic calligraphy Adilshahi Monument Ibrahim Roza. 2015
Published by- Abu-Huriera education services Vijaypur
02- National seminars attended .
01- Paper Presented in National Seminar.

Assisting the poor & meritorious students to continue their education. Conducting PUC Arabic classes for students and over all supervision of the Arabic classes of primary & high schools of our Association. Assisting the poor students to continue their higher education by playing their fees. & providing from text books.

SWOT Analysis

  1. Being a minority college Muslim students seek admission.
  2. Our national ties with the arab world. Makes acquaintance with Arabic an advantage.
  3. Eagar and willing students.
  4. Moral and ethical teaching of Quran helps to develop good character amongst the students.

  1. Being a classical language its use in India is limited to scholarly activities only.
  2. No provision of Arabic M.A.in Karnataka State.

  1. Increasing spread of Arab countries interaction globally has given impetus to lear.
  2. Internet has enabled closer interaction and sharing of knowledge across the globe.
  3. Students will get on opportunity to be employed as Arabic teachers. Professors at schools colleges & University.


Priority to learn English language at the cost of even mother tongue, has become the norm in India, due to employment opportunities for English speakers.

Future Plan:
  1. Efforts are on to be start one year certificate course and subsequently 2 years diploma course in Arabic.
  2. To take up research work.

Department of Arabic is conducting moral education programme weakly for the students.