Department of Hindi
Establishment : 1974

Present Faculties

  1. Dr. M.A. Lingasur:
    Since 05.07.1983
  2. Shri. Hasankhadri Meerasaheb:
    Since 08.07.1990

  3. Objectives

    1. To impart relevant and quality education and make the students competent and proud in the subject.
    2. To enable students to take up translation works.
    3. To wider their intellectual horizons in the language.
    4. To inculcate the values of Indian Culture & promote National Integration.
    5. To enable the students to contribute to national development i.e. take up further studies.

    UGC Sponsored Research Project

    MRP:The level of Hindi language in Kannada medium primary schools in Vijayapur.

    Seminars: Attended
    State level National International
    02 10 06
    Seminars: paper presented
    State level National International
    00 05 03

    Book translated: 01

    “Meethi Zindagi” ISBN: 978-93-5070-031-0

    Book Edited : 01

    “ Gadya ke Vividh Aayam” ISBN- 978-93-81326-00-8

    Articles published: 02
    1. 1. “Swatantrata ke baad Hindi Baal Sahitya” Quarterly research journal: Anusandhan, pp: 70 [july-september 2011] ISSN: 0975-850X
    2. 2. “Hindi Sahitya me Manovignan” OJAS – Multidisiplinary, E-Commerce and Management Journal [January 2013, Vol- 1]

    Other Responsibilities:

    • • Academic Co- ordinator
    • • Programme Officer of Youth Red Cross Unit
    • • Serving as member of Board of Studies in Hindi [BOS],
    • • Member Board of Examiners [BOE] ,
    • • Member Board of Appointment of Examiners [BOAE],
    • • Life member of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, New Delhi.

    Students strength
    2014 – 15: 70
    2015 – 16: 94
    2016 – 17: 99
    2017 – 18: 101
    2018 – 19: 120

    Hindi is a main stay language in the country and the official language in many states. Grammar of Hindi and Urdu being nearly same it has easy of learning for Urdu speaking students.


    Karnataka being a non-Hindi speaking state, demand for the language is rather lukewarm.

    Use of Hindi language in science, medical and commerce fields is very restricted.


    Hindi language expertise, enables the students to take up competitive examinations nationally.

    As India becomes stronger, Hindi would become an important language of global importance, resulting in demand for Hindi worldwide.


    The galloping rate at which English language growing with its use in all fields of human activity, puts Hindi language far behind.

    To add vocabulary in Hindi in other branches of knowledge like technology and medicine.

    Future Plans

    • • To start short term Certificate course & Diploma course in translation, and coaching classes for NET, SLET.
    • • To organize National seminars, kavayetri sammelan and workshops.
    • • To encourage students to undertake research activity at UG level, and encourage creative writing, and undertake translation works.