Department of History

1 Name of the Professor Dr. Mushtak Ahmed
2 Aims & Objectives of the subject Aims

History aims at helping students to understand the present existing social, political, religious and economic conditions of the people. The present is in fact the child of the past. It is a development of the past. Without the knowledge of history we cannot have the background of our religion, customs institutions, administration and so on. Our present conditions are thus the result of the past problems.

Main Objectives of Teaching History

Teaching of history enables the pupils to achieve various instructional objectives in an hierarchical manner. These objectives are (1) Knowledge, (2) Understanding, (3) Critical thinking, (4) Practical skills, (5) Interests and (6) Attitudes relating to historical matters

3 Project work Monuments of Adilshahis Guptas: Golden age 1857 Revolt
4 Conference proceeding edited

1.Two days National Seminar On Cultural Contribution Of Deccan 2014 ISBN 978-81-922788-1-0 Proceedings

2. One Day National Seminar on Social Sciences and Humanities 2016 Volume-II, issue-3 November 2016 ISSN 2249-9350. Proceedings

5 Conferences organized
National Seminar Orgnised

Two day National Seminar on “Cultural Contributions of Vijayanagar and Adilshahis” Sponsored by Karnataka State Archives Government of Karnataka 4th & 5th April 2016

6 Best practise in the department Visit to Monuments (Field teaching) Finding poor people weekly by our history students.
7 Extension work of the department Exhibition on historical Monuments of Bijapur conducted in collaboration with V.V.S Art,Comm and BCA college. Paper presented by our students at National Seminar organised by Porwal College Sindagi.
8 Facilities provided by the faculty to students Providing reference books, notes, question bank with solutions.
9 SWOC analysis of the department Strengths:

Qualified and committed teaching staff .

  • • History Association
  • • Involvement in research activities
  • • Historical Excursions within and outside the city.

  • •Students are first generation learners
  • •Social inhibitions
  • • Non availability of separate space for departmental activities
  • • Non availability of Teachers exchange programme.
  • • Increasing scope for research projects offered by various agencies.
  • • Corporates needs history students for their libraries and archives.
  • • Various avenues are available for mass media students.
  • • Career Opportunities available in the field archaeology,museology and numismatics.
  • • Career opportunities available in teaching and civil services
  • • Students drop-out.
  • • Financial constraints of the students.
  • • Low motivation among students.
10 Future plan of the department
  • • To conduct Post-graduation teaching in our College.
  • • To create a strong and active Alumni Association of History students.
  • • To start short term courses related to History.
  • • Creating awareness about environment through historical research projects.