Empowerment of women who will create and build healthy societies & contributes for the betterment of the families, the nation and the world.


Provide multi-dimensional, skill oriented personality development courses which enable girl to excel in areas of healthy family care, community service & to promote career in entrepreneurship based teaching learning process & there by improve the standard of living.


  1. Helping each student lead a more satisfying personal family & community life.
  2. Learn to use their intelligence and ability to enrich their own lives and the lives of others in the family, community, nation &world.
  3. Develop qualities needed for responsible citizenship.
  4. Find solutions to home & family problems.
  5. Provide students with guidance & the opportunities to grow up in the social graces managerial ability and competence in the home making skills.
  6. Become wage-earners in activities related to the home & guide them in personal and family relations.
  7. Nurture and the proper care of the young to faster their healthy growth and development.
  8. Properly utilize food, clothing, housing and other goods and services so as to meet the physical, social & Psychological needs.
  9. Form intelligent decisions concerning the use of materials & resources.
  10. Gain technical knowledge & information from various branches of Home Science for both personal & professional use.

Objectives of Home Science Education:

  1. To gain knowledge about textile fibers and their properties and uses.
  2. To develop an understanding of the applications of an elements & principles of design in clothing.
  3. To gain knowledge regarding care of clothes.
  4. To acquire skill in the constructions of garment.
  5. Understand the vital relationship between nutrition and health.
  6. To understand the basic principles of food preparation.
  7. Know and understand the nutritional needs & deficiency of different age and special groups.
  8. Gain the knowledge & skill with regards to plan and prepare balanced diet for normal people & therapeutics, diet for the needy.
  9. To develop an understanding of the concept of growth and development from conception to maturity.
  10. Acquire knowledge of the organization of pre-schools.

Significance of Home Science:

Home Science education is an attempt to meet the demands of modern society. It is the application of many science and arts towards achieving a better, healthier and happier. It includes knowledge of applied sciences such as foods, nutrition, therapeutic diet, Textiles & clothing, fashion designing, human development, family relationship, family Resource management and interior decoration.

Modern life has become complex due to scientific and academic progress. There for, the home maker of today has to adjust her time, efforts, money and other resources to the demands of personal, family and social life. Her responsibility like looking after the children, preparing food, etc are also affected by current changes in the society and thus she needs education. This will give her maximum benefit and in adjusting to these changes she needs to retain the best in our culture. Home Science helps to give this education.

Home Science Subject has following career opportunities.

After BA/Bsc Home Science
  1. Anganwadi Supervisor.
  2. House Keeping.
  3. Receptionist & Air hostess.
  4. Nursery school teacher /Organizer
  5. Ideal Home maker
  6. Clothing Designer
  7. Small Scale industrialist
  8. Science teacher
  9. Social Science teacher
After MA/Msc Home Science
  1. Lecturer in Home Science Subject
  2. Lecturer in medical College in Public Community medicine department.
  3. Lecturer in Agriculture College as Nutrition
  4. Lecturer in Veterinary College as animal Nutritionist
  5. Diet Consultant
  6. Dietician in government and private hospitals
  7. Quality Control Officer/Manager /Supervisor etc in food industries.
  8. Counselor.

Project works of student

  1. Tie & dye printing produce on bed sheets, pillow covers, sofa covers, cushion covers, divan set etc.
  2. Preparation of table cloth with the help of combination of different types of hand embroidery.
  3. Designing & preparing of children garment as nqries, Bonnet, Bit jhabla & A line frock.
  4. Designing, preparing & Ornamentation of self top (shirt) with the help on any embroidery, patron work or painting.
  5. Standard height and weight measurement according to age & sex.
  6. Vitamin ‘A’ deficiency & vit A rich dishes preparation & sell ; methi wada/ proma carrot halwa, palak pakoda.
  7. Calcium deficiency & calcium rich dishes preparation like soup fish soup, sesamum chikki, sesamum chutney, sesamum laddu & Ragi Flakes Ragi Kheer, Ragi dosa.
  8. Iron deficiency & from rich dishes preparation & sell like garden cress seed kheer, garden cress vada, liven soup.
  9. Water dmbalance (dehydration) treatment and rehydration reciepies like pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut water, butter milk, ORS solution, lime juice, Sweet lime juice.
  10. Preparation of economic teaching wids for presentation of project, stories Rhymes & creative activity at nursery schools.
  11. Preparation of first aid box.
  12. Preparation of artificial however like organdi flower, sack cloth flowers, dry arrangement & flower pots.
  13. Preparation of round smoking cushion of sateen cloth & cushion covers, with two colour combination with flower (floral) effect on top with help of lemming.
Conference attended: 10


  1. Got II prize in poster presentation participation in two days conference at “Science & technology for food nutrition” held at BLDE University on 20/02/2015 & 21/02/2015.
  2. Certificate of achievement for producing good result from SECAB PU College for women on 05/01/2012.
Minor Research Project:

Title: working on ‘’ Effect of blending of cold press ghee oil with refined quality oil on oxidative stability & nutritional quality of oil & fried food.”

Best practices in Department:

Running free tailor training for widows, divorce, orphan & very poor women of vijayapur and nearby villages for six month and supplying searing machine to each training after passing the test conducted by expert since from 2004 till now. Every ejear we are distribution 20 machines.

Extension work of the Department:
  1. Providing basic skills to non Home science students.CAB PUC College for women.
  2. Teaching Home science subject for XI & XII Science in SE CAB PUC College for women.
  3. Doing survey of different slum for admission of free tailor training.

Facilities Provided

  1. Financial help for poor student in form of fees.
  2. Supplying practical requirement.
  3. Entrance to weak student.
  4. Guest lecturer & visits to understand topics better.

Study tour

Every year student have been taken for study tour to nearby places for practical knowledge to Sholapur banhatti.

Other courses in the subject:

Add on course serving from 2015 lie certificate course in fashion Art & costume designing.

Any Other
  1. Worked as NSS officer
  2. Worked as Student Counselor
  3. Working as cultural chair person.