Department of Psychology

Name of the Professor: H.K.Yadahalli, Associate professor
Subject: Psychology
Aims and Objectives of the subjects: 1. To develop competency in psychology among the students.
2. To create awareness of mental health and hygiene.
3. To apply knowledge of psychology in day-todaylife.
4. To prepare the students for higher courses in psychology.
5. To seek job opportunities in the field of psychology.
Conferences attended : * Attended National Level Seminar at Karnataka
College, Dharwad on 06th February, 2018.
Topic – “Psychology for enhancement of human potentialities”

* Attended and presented a paper at two day
National Level Seminar held at Mathubai
Gharware Women’s College, Sangli, Maharashtra on 9th and 10th February, 2018. Topic – “Mental
health and Well being of college students and
* Attended and gave lecture at Plenary Session at
the National Level Seminar held at Dhule,
Maharashtra on 7th and 8th December, 2018. Topic:
“Community mental Health – problems and solutions”.

* Attended two day National level Seminar
sponsored by ICSSR and presented an empirical
paper on “Counselling intervention for college
students” held at Yogi Vemana University,
Kadappa, AP on 27th and 28th December 2018.
Topic: ‘Disability and Rehabilitation – Challenges and Strategies’.
Best practices in the dept.: Department library is maintained with 40-50 books
Extension Work: Counseling service provided to the needy students,
parents, workshops organized regarding preparation
for competitive exams
Faculty to the students: Students are taken to the mental health care agencies.
SWOC Analysis of the department: S * only women’s college with psychology subject in the city.
W * Lack of awareness about the prospects of the subject among students
O * Psychology subject is a good combination with language and social sciences, helps in
B.Ed. and M.Ed. courses. C * Non-availability of Psychology PG Cours in the city, KSAW University, Vijayapur.
Future plan of the department: Convincing the need of psychology PG Course at
KSAW University, Vijayapur and in the coming
academic year M.Sc. in Psychology available at
Women University.
Any other Information: The faculty member is pursuing his research work
for Ph.D on the topic “The Impact of Self-Concept,
Personality Maturity and Emotional Intelligent on
Mental Health of Professional and non-professional
Students” from Dept. of studies and research in
Psychology, Gulbarga University, Kalburgi under
the guidance of Prof. S.S. Chengti, Professor in
Dept. of Psychology, GUK.