“Manzile Un ko milti hai jin ke sapnoume jan hoti hai”.


“Khoateen ki kudmuqtari ,Azadi kud kafli, Aqlaq, Adab Qadrou ke Mutabig Mukammal Aagahi”.

Aims & Objectives of the Subject:

  1. To gain knowledge about poetry & fiction.
  2. To develop the skill of translation on English in to Urdu.
  3. To know and understand novel & dastaan.
  4. To acquire skill in prose, poetry & essay writing.
  5. To gain knowledge and skill in prose & Grammar in urdu.
  6. To develop an understanding concept of history of urdu literature and linguistic.
  7. To develop understanding and acquire skill of writing criticism hum our & Safire.
Project work of the Students
1) Rahmat Jahan Nagarboudi: 2) Tarannum patel BA VIth sem: Topic
1) Hina Nadaf 2) Samreen Maniya BA VIth Sem BA VIth Sem Sirsayed Ahmed Khan Iqbal Poetry

Placement of the students:
1) Rahmat Jahan Nagarboudi: 2) Tarannum patel BA VIth sem: 3) Sana Shaikh: (BA VIth sem):
(2013) ( Govt Job Village Accountant at chintamani ) Subject offered basic English, Urdu Optional,Geography,English, History selected in
A) White horse manpo Consultancy PVT Ltd.
B) Fast Track Solutions.
C) Sanjeevani Enterprise PVT Ltd.
Held on 12 January 2014 at Darbar Ground Vijaypur.
Subject offered basic English Arabic optional Urdu,
Geography, Political Science Selected in Infosys,
Dio Sons Sanjeevani Enterprise PVT Ltd, Anu sloar held on 12 January 2014.
Rank holders: Mohsina Patel (BA) 2013.
Publication of faculty Last 3 Years with ISBN,ISSN
Dr. M.D.Samiuddin 03 with ISBN & ISSN Number.
  1. Gubar-“E Khahir ka Tahqiqi-o Tanqeedi Jaiza”Published Urdu Scholar ki Duniya International Reference journal of Urdu ISSN 2320-5369 Eissn 2320 8910 /volume I Issue III October 2013.
  2. “Bai missal Ustad” Published by Aalamgeer Adab Aureangabal Moharashtra Book series 5 Hameed sohar wardi shaksiyat aur Adabi jehat” Year of Publication 17 March 2014 ISBN III October 2013.
  3. Iabal ki watri shiri Published by monthly tam heed nizambad Telangana on January 2015 ISSN 2320-6373.

Dr.Hajira Parveen 1) Tabsera published by Aalamgeer atab Aurangabad Maharashtra Book series Hamed sohevwad, shaksiyat Aur adbi Jehat” Yeat of publication 17 March 2014 ISBN 978-81-924833-6-8.

Book Published and edited.
1) Meetha lehja kadwa sachh publisher Educational Book House Aligarh U.P ISBN 978-93-83549-33-7 year 214.

Conference/Seminar Organized and attended.
Attended Presented
Dr.Hajira Parveen Dr.M.D.Samiuddin
02 + 02 = 04 -- + 11 = 11
Award / Honour

Felicitated by Karnataka Urdu Academy Bangalore as a great personality of Urdu in Vijaypur .
On 17th May 2015.
Dr. Hajira Praveen

Extension work of the Department.
Spoken Urdu Training Programme.
In the spoken Urdu Training Programme the Department of urdu Adopted following school Secab Modern Urdu Primary School Vijaypur. For the purpose of improving quality of teach learning and evaluation system of the school

Facilities provided by the faculty to student: Book facility provided from the department library & fee to the poor & Meritorious of the department

SOWC analysis of the Department.


  1. Both the lectures are highly qualified with Phd Degree and good contribution to the language.
  2. Lots of demand for Urdu language in the Middle East countries.
  3. Highly cultured language which is attracting every one, in its fold.

  1. Job opportunism in Mass Media as a teacher in Middle east.
  2. Opportunities in translation Jobs.


Few students seeking admission due to poor market demand. Challenges

  1. Creating interest among students in the subject convening parents to error them children to study Urdu as a subject.
  2. English becoming international language, leading to most students attracted to English.

Future plan of the Department:
  1. En couragaging the students for higher education.
  2. Improving the strength of the department.
  3. Organ sing the UGC sponsored National international seminar