Alumni Association

Alumni Association of the College was established in 2004.Since then the students of this college have been being enrolled as the alumni if the college after the completion of their graduation the college. Later in 2014 the Alumni Association was registered with department of co-operative societies.

In order to involve the alumni actively and meaningfully in developmental activities of the college at least two meetings of the alumni Association are held every year and suggestions are taken from the alumni so as to bring improvements in the overall functioning of the college. The college is proud that alumni are actively participating in the development of the college and we are proud to have a healthy support with the alumni.

On the other hand even the college has made certain programmes and policies to support its alumni in the following way __

  1. Extending the facility of coaching classes to the alumni also
  2. Guiding and informing the alumni about the career opportunities and higher education
  3. The college also conducts recruitments drives to employ the eligible alumni at different institutions of SECAB Association

The College is also trying to provide more facilities from the funds collected from alumni