Department of Political Science

Year of Establishment 1974
Faculty ● Till 1989 Prof. N.B. Patil, Prof. S.V. Kulkarni Served.
▢ Present Faculty:
■ Gangadhar Bhat, M.A., M.Phil,
Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Specialization- Political Thought
Twenty Nine Years of Teaching Experience

■ Dr.Jayramiah, M.A., Ph.D
Associate Professor
Specialization- Public Administration,
Twenty Tight Years of Teaching Experience
( Deputed to Shiggan Govt.First Grade College)
Objectives • To create political awareness, instill civic
sense and understanding of Indian
constitution among the students.
• To enable the students to understand the
nature and scope of fundamental rights and
duties as enshrined in the constitution.
• To enable the students to understand
political happenings and issues, so that
they can fight take on political and
social evils to the extent possible
• To develop interest in the concepts,
principles and practices in politics.
• To develop an understanding of the Indian
constitution and political systems.
• To prepare the students for competitive
• To imbue democratic values in the students
• To expose the students to diversity of political
thought at national and global levels how the
impact our life
• Creation of understanding of mutual dependency
Publications • Six Research Articles published
Facilities • Periodical tests and examinations
• Mentorship maintained
• Availability of question bank and old question papers in the department
• Sufficient books in the Library ( 1501 Books)
• Internet Facility in the Library
• Journals and Magazines
University Ranks- Political is one of the optional subjects Nandadeepa Habbal-4th Rank-2012-13
Yasmeen Mulla__9th Rank-2012-13
Suman Patil—1st Rank-2013-14
Geeta Police—9th Rank-2013-14 Vijayalaxmi Hiremath—1st Rank-2015-16
Aishwarya Rakkasgi—10th Rank-2016-17
Sujnani Singhe-10th Rank-2017-18
Conference organized, attended and paper presented • Participation: 31
• Paper Presentation: 14
• Resource Person: 10
• Organized-05
Best Practices • Enrolment of the students in the voter list
• Maintaining mentorship
• conducting students union elections
• Forming Electoral Literary Club
Extension work • Handling PU Classes in SECAB Junior College for Women
• Handling Indian Constitution Classes in SECAB Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayapura
SWOC Strength:
• Ability of the Department to take admission of both English medium and Kannada medium students
• Getting Ranks
• Almost all students are getting distinction
• 100% result
• Not able to refer English medium books
• Less strength
• Exclusive Women’s College
• Easy accessible to University for Post Graduation Course in Political Science
• Teaching in both English medium and kannada medium
• Many colleges in the city
• Four women’s colleges in the city
• Time incontinence for students
• Not availability of more number of subject combinations with political sciences
Future Plan • Introducing practical in Political Science
Faculty in BOS and BOE • Chairman of Board of Examiners (BOE)- Political Science 2009-10
• Member of Board of Appointing Examiners (BOAE)- Pol. Sc.2008-09
• Member of Board of Examiners (BOE)- Political Science -2010-11
• Member of Board of Examiners (BOE)- Indian Constitution.
• Member of Board of Examiners(BOE)- Human Rights
• Member of Board of Studies 2018-20
• Question Paper Setter every year
Membership of Faculty Different Academic Bodies:
• Life Member of Karnataka State Political Science Teachers’ Association.
• Life Member of Karnataka University Political Science College Teachers’ Forum
• Life Member of Karnataka University College Teachers’ Association
• Life Member of Karnataka State Women’s University College Teachers’ Association
Other Bodies:
• Life Member of Kannada Sahithy Parished, Bangalore