Parents Association

Parent-teacher Association of the college was established in 2004 the main objective of the Association was to identify and involve parents in the developments of the college since the college has been maintaining cordial relations with parents. Even the parents have been quite happy to involve themselves in the development of the college. Their participation was easy because the parents had been quite satisfied with the performance of the College as well as of their daughter/wards.

At least two meeting of the parents Association are held every year and the parent’s actively participate and come forward with valuable suggestion to improve the standard of the College and provide better facilities to the students.

In 2016 a parent’s council as a special body of the parent-teacher Association was constituted to ensure the safety and welfare of girl’s students. This was done with the view of preventing incidents of sexual harassment of the girl students,from the meeting with the parents, the college has observed that they are quite alert and conscious about the short comings of the college and also the problems and the requirements of the students. So they have made valuable suggestions for the improvement of the infrastructure, teaching and learning Process. This has helped the institution to take necessary steps for the further progress.