Since the College has good number of students coming from rural areas around and also outstations, it was the dire need of the college to have its own hostel. In 2013 with the assistance from UGC we established hostel within the campus of the college. UGC has extended financial assistance of rupees fifty four lakhs for the hostel building.This hostel has provided a good and affordable accommodation to the students coming from outstation and rural areas.

More than 180 students are availing the facility of the hostel. The hostilites are provided a safe secured accommodation with clean and hygienic food and other facilities and this has improved the strength and attendance of student to the college and classes. The hostel is kept under the monitoring and care of lady warden so the inmates get a comfortable and safe stay

The hostel building is housed within the campus of the college. The College has taken steps to provide better facilities to its information like –Sufficient water, hygienic food, complete safety, studious atmosphere and close monitoring of the activities of the inmates of the hostel. The college also provides medical/health care facilities to the inmates of hostel.