The College has instituted a visit of Red Cross Society in the College Dr. M.A. Lingsur, Dept of Hindi is the Co-ordinator of this Unit. Under the aegis of this Unit we organize several activities in order to create awareness about the role and contribution of Red Cross and the youth Red Cross in an educational institution The Unit conducts some activities through which it tries to involve youth in the service activities sponsored by the youth red cross. The Unit has the following objectives

  1. To create awareness among the youth about health and hygiene.
  2. To involve youth in nation building activities
  3. To involve youth in the protection of environment
  4. To help people affected by natural disasters like drought, earth quake, floods, accidents etc
The unit has conducted the following activities
  1. Blood donation camp
  2. Hb Test campaign
  3. Free health check-up
  4. Raising relief funds for flood affected people
  5. Hb Test campaign
  6. Visiting Orphanages
  7. Visiting slum areas etc